Vouch Agency


To the public

Vouch Agency is a network of people of interest ("Talent", "Performers", "Models", "Actors") who are available for casting in film, fashion media, events etcetera   Vouch Agency serves as interference between companies and the solicitation of interesting people   Vouch Agency is a misnomer as the agency   But we exit the misnomer as an agency

To companies interested in people

Contact information for people of interest are available on each profile   Do not solicit people of interest on social platforms unless permission is explicitly granted by the subject via email   People of interest are free agents; zero transactions go through Vouch Agency   Do not contact Vouch Agency for information on individual or collective talent

To people of interest, future & present—

Vouch Agency aims to decentralize the discovery & solicitation of people of interest away from social media platforms   Vouch Agency does not offer any service for people of interest beyond a web page & an email address   People of interest are added to Vouch Agency by referrals from those who are currently represented   We are not and will not be your agency; we do not monetize or take credit for your labor or other expressions of self