Vouch Agency

You are not being tracked.

There is no data associated with you or stored in any server.

This means there is no data to feed neural networks. This means there is no machine learning algorithm that nudges you towards one person or another.

As you browse the site, only the segments of the site data that you consume will be stored locally in your browser. This cache exists in order to distribute the site between peers (i.e. other browsers.) Your browsing behavior is not analyzed in this app or sent anywhere to be analyzed.

You, in both flawed and enchanting ways, have final Agency.

Vouch Network

Your account data is not being stored in a central database. Your data is distributed and synced using peer-to-peer technology across all network members.

This means that there is no one server or person who retains a full copy of your data. This means that no companies own your data or have access to your data. This means your data is impervious to hacks targeted at companies and data centers.

By being a Vouch Network member, you agree to peer with other Network members to collectively provide one another with the greatest level of privacy possible on the open web.

The technology used to build Vouch Network is a core extension of Vouch A/N values of community, privacy and anti-surveillance. The technology used to build Vouch A/N is chosen specifically to prioritize relationships between members of the network ("nodes") rather than charge nodes in isolation with safeguarding their "individual" privacy.

In these ways, Vouch is Network agency.