Vouch Agency



What is Vouch Agency?

Vouch Agency is a directory of creative & interesting folks you can cast in roles (in which they play themselves, or others.)

Is this a casting company?

Vouch Agency is not a casting or talent agency. There are no employees of Vouch Agency. The people you see here represent themselves, or may be represented by a traditional modeling agency. The "Agency" in our name is an implanted misnomer that draws attention to our individual agency.

Is this a social media platform?

No. There is no login or monetization. In fact, Vouch Agency is a move towards displacing the role of social media in people discovery.

Why does this need to exist?

Representation in film, media & fashion should not be limited to people who are preferred by the established system (e.g. inheritance to social capital; tech savviness that leads to social media growth; physical features that the algorithm prefers.)

How does Vouch Agency work?

Vouch Agency is an experiment; we aim to be radical in nurturing the specific type of imagination you exercise when you see a person and think, "I'd love to watch them play this role [if it existed]."

The people you see in the directory represent a wide range of experience. VA is operative in normalizing the passing of opportunities to other folks in the network.

Who is in the talent directory?

Most people in the directory are established artists, writers and performers who are open to supplementing their work with interesting roles. The range of acting and modeling experience runs from hobbyist, to mainstream background acting, to walking runway.

How do I inquire about a model or actor?

You will reach out to them directly. The contact email address for each person is listed on their profile.

Who do I contact for questions about Vouch Agency itself? Who runs Vouch Agency?

Vouch Agency is run by a subset of its members. For general questions, email world@vouch.agency. Inquiries into specific people will be ignored.

How do I join the directory?

Vouch Agency is currently invite-only. If you personally know an existing member, reach out to them and have them forward your information to their point of contact.

How are models and actors paid? How does Vouch Agency make money?

Casting directors and other production owners will interact with models and actors directly. All people in the directory have been invited to join Vouch Agency and do not pay to be listed.

Vouch Agency does not make any profit, handle financial transactions, or take any portion of talent earnings. In fact, VA operates at a "financial loss". Here are our costs:

  • Domain name: $27/year
  • Website: $2,500 (as of October 2020)
  • Advertising: $500 (as of December 2020)
If you'd like to help offset our costs, email us.